Purchase Order Management

In the modern global marketplace, shipment visibility and supplier management are critical needs for international companies. Wen-Parker Logistics purchase order management services give you the information you require to manage your orders and your suppliers and provide real-time information throughout the entire internal business community within your organization. We offer tracking-level detail down to the SKU level by purchase order number, style, color, and size, including the ability to receive and process split purchase orders. Our system is fully customizable to meet your needs and can provide you with a full range or reporting options, client dashboards, and data metrics.

Our purchase order management system is directly integrated into the Wen-Parker global TMS platform which is used around the globe, with interface capability via EDI, XML, CSV or other data exchange formats. We offer the ability to receive ASN’s and provide validation at the individual Purchase Order level. This system functions as a proactive communication tool between your suppliers and the WPL global operations network to help minimize lead times, meet ex-factory dates, and drive overall vendor compliance and supply chain efficiency.

WPL’s Purchase Order Management system also provides exception management reporting, as well as offshore supplier report cards and other vendor management tools. This gives you increased flexibility to manage your supplier base and the visibility to follow your shipments throughout the entire order lifecycle.