Technology Solutions

Leading edge technology, collaboration and innovation are all at the heart of Wen-Parker’s approach to designing and deploying end-to-end supply chain solutions for our clients that go far beyond moving cargo from point A to point B.

Data Collaboration

The WPL Information Technology Team is unique in its ability to on-board new clients with short lead times regardless of complexity due to our proven methodology.

Data Exchange

At WPL we support various datasets and data exchange formats including EDI, XML and CSV file transfers.

Our most common electronic communication platforms are FTP, SFTP and AS2. We currently have experience with interface partners such as GSX, GT Nexus, SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates and others including proprietary, legacy or internally developed ERP systems.

WPL’s greatest asset is our ability to mobilize our internal and external IT resources to adjust to our client’s IT capability and preparedness.

Capability & Flexibility

WPL’s technology solutions are e-Commerce capable and additionally offer a comprehensive suite of WMS capabilities including RFID and bar code scanning, online inventory visibility, and a host of standard and customizable management reports integrated directly into our own global TMS system.

Real Time Visibility

The WPL Secure Client Portal allows for real-time visibility and data insight throughout the entire shipment/order lifecycle. We provide 24/7 access for our clients to all of their shipment data that can be selectively and securely shared with factories, vendors, co-workers, and other supply chain partners within the client’s business community as a collaborative tool. Clients have the ability to monitor factory/vendor delivery dates, flight or vessel departure times, Track & Trace shipments while in transit…all at the purchase order or SKU level from any internet-capable device. KPIs, performance metrics, and even your own customized reports can be run and shared internally or externally through a secure login ID/password for each individual user.

Shared Analytics

Successful partnerships require engagement at all levels to analyze each touch point or link in the supply chain. At WPL, we encourage quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with each of our major clients that include KPIs and related supply chain performance metrics from factory to store and every step in between.