Consumer Electronics

Asia continues to be the factory floor for the world when it comes to consumer electronics. This requires a well-engineered and closely-managed supply chain model designed to minimize cost and maximize speed, allowing you to keep pace with constant shifts in consumer demand and the unique expectations of e-commerce as a preferred and rapidly growing sales channel.

Our Consumer Electronics focused menu supply chain services includes:

  • Expedited and deferred air and ocean freight forwarding and consolidation
  • US Customs Clearance including FCC and all US Other Government Agencies (OGAs)
  • Trucking and Container Drayage including high security services and options
  • Purchase Order Management and Purchase Order Tracking
  • eBooking and other Vendor Management programs and tools
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Value Added Services including labeling, tagging, packing, QA & QC services, etc.
  • eCommerce shipping and fulfillment services